Aquarius dating another aquarius compatibility who is carre otis dating

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Sexual chemistry n intellectually we are just connected.

Everyone else thinks we are too distant but communication is so strong i don't have to say a word and we exchange a whole story just staring into his eyes.

Aquarius individuals are known for their tranquility and wholeness of character.

I feel this is an Aquarians best match cuz no1 understands us like another aquarian.As representatives of one zodiac sign, they will feel attracted to each other at once from the first minutes of their meeting.They find it interesting being together, they are ready to for a long time discuss issues and solve pressing problems.They will not test the feeling of their partner, or be choked in jealousy and survey on the other - each of them will trust the other as him/herself.However, each of them recognizes the right of the other to privacy, and will never violently delve into the soul of the other, trying to re-educate or influence him/her. Aquarians do not tend to flame out of love or have very bright feelings.

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