Dating for dumbasses

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‘Get settled, I’ll be over later.’Dean nods distractedly, and makes a beeline for the red beer cups. She does it every day, really, but parties are her style. ’‘Yeah, with Sam and Gabriel, in the kitchen.’ she replies. ’ she asks, playing her disinterest for all she’s got. ‘You might be interested in what’s happening in the kitchen.’Anna glares at him, but goes anyway.

She laughs at the boys’ stupid jokes, and she compliments the girls on their slutty costumes. Dean’s still looking nervously around the room, looking far too young for someone who’s 18 and about to graduate. Gabriel may be annyoing, but he know when to draw a crowd.

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Castiel opens the door with a quietness that must have skipped her other brothers.‘Hello, Anna,’ he says.‘Hello, Castiel,’ Anna replies, exasperation obvious in her tone. ’ She hopes this will not be a repeat of when they were thirteen.She looks over to Dean, makes sure she has full eye contact. ‘I’m off guys, see you in Chem, Sam.’ she announces, and leaves.Bitch.‘Good morning, sister.’ Gabriel greets, a little bitter. ‘So I know you go to our halloween party every year - let’s face it, everyone does,’Dean lets out a little chuckle. Then, Gabriel giggles, and Sam snorts, burying his nose in his boyfriend’s hair.Anna Milton wakes up at 7am in the morning, washes off her night-time face mask, takes a shower, puts on her makeup and gets dressed.If she feels like it, she will have breakfast, but if not, she gets in her car and drives her brother to school.

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