Dating married cops

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If everytime you walked into a grocery store with your co-workers and men start gushing and gazing, you would eat up all that attention too. If you really love someone you love them for who they are...And if that includes law enforcement it is part of the deal. Police officers are able to problem solve quickly and don’t freeze or panic in emergency situations.

But, kind of hard to do, the role portrayed of the female officer is the agressive dominant type lol.

My BF of 5 years is about to enter police academy with hopes of eventually moving up to FBI level, etc. Honestly, we have all decided that his wife rules the roost. Is there a cheat free/ non-abusive occupation I don't know about?

The whole career choice bothers me A LOT as I've heard it can be VERY hard to deal with the long hours, danger, minimium family time, etc. I'm dreading this whole thing especially since we are talking about marriage lately but I keep going back to all those "statistics". He comes home and cooks dinner, bathes the kids, picks them up form school and hangs out at the playground with them. It maybe true that the higher the stress level of the jobs ie.

Police officers don’t shy away from confrontation; they deal with it. Your friends may tease you about handcuffs and strip searches — and you probably won’t mind. Your date will know both the hidden gems and places to avoid in the neighborhoods he/she is assigned to. To excel at the job, a police officer’s personal integrity is an important quality. Your date should be a good driver — and probably knows all the traffic laws (and loopholes) in the area. Your date is trying to make the world — or at least the neighborhood — a better place.

If you’re the independent sort, you’ll have plenty of that much-needed time to yourself.

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