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They get to make up their own endings, which allows them to think through alternative ending– those that they would rather live.Part II of this post is coming soon since the team is just now starting to implement the male engagement component!

(Read parts one, two, three, four, five, and six.) We posed this question to the leaders: What are the needs of the sexually broken women in your church and community, and how can we address those needs?

Or if you want to learn a bit more about (ahem) Hosted by Christopher and Carolina, part of the Legion of Weirdos (a podcast consortium), the hosts chat about parenting (like bonding with baby—not always easy for everyone), finances and domestic issues.

One of their latest (and one of our favorite) episodes deals with Carolina going back to work after baby; something many of us can relate to.

Marriage is a choice, and you can choose to make your marriage what you want it to be.

Check out Sexy Marriage’s latest episode about money and marriage; should you set aside some of your finances specifically for your marriage? Their latest episode welcomes Marla Lee and Josh Moradzadeh, President of Kama Sutra Co.

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