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Her hips were grinding on my hand and she was moaning louder and louder.

Her eyes were closed but she was sucking me like there was no tomorrow.

My cock started to stir I shook my head and kept on walking. I had already had plenty of women in my college lifesome quite experienced, others not so much. I then wrapped my arms around her pinning her arms.

But that was a whole lot different than doing my teen sister! I picked her up and moved her quickly across the hallway to my room and threw her down on her bed. " Her body started to spasm with an orgasm, her hot teen tits shaking with each one.

I quickly got my shirt off and I moved my other knee so both her arms could be free.

Her left and moved up and pushed my ass towards her, trying to take in even more of my cock.

Kelly arched her back as another wave of cum overcame her.

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I got home from college for Spring Break a bit early on a Friday.

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