Nelly and kelly dating

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I´d like to have more notices about Kelly, mainly NELLY of course. its pointless, and even though you think its gonna help other people, it wont. Please don´t tell bad things about that one, because it´s beautifull, lovely and sensible too much. you do it to like...staind, or something like shouldnt have to do it all all.Kelly is a strong woman, and Bless her, hopefully she has a man in her life that treats her like a Queen. Selling music is synonymous as selling yourself, your life story.People buy into your music because they buy into you or relate to you hence your music. Her marketing people/PR said Kelly "People don't know much about you, you got to connect with an audience to sell more records" Now people tongues are wagging because no one knew this stuff about Kelly. Plus this: IF YOU ARE A DARK SKIN GIRL/WOMAN & YOU'VE NEVER FELT a LITTLE INSECURE about the way music, TV and pop culture glorify lighter skin women then you a DAMM Lie!!

Kelly Rowland is just trying to sell an album by using and prying on your insecurities .... ) by the way the "SONG" sucks but kudos to her for getting out of that bad relationship...Plus she was adopted living with princess B & their rich ass family,of course you gonna feel some type of way.This woman revealed herself, so what if its to help sell her music that's what she got to do.As you can see, but I I like your steez, your style, your whole demeanor The way you come through and holla And swoop me in his two-seater Now that's gangsta… Don't you forget it, but uh It ain't that easy for you to pack and leave him But uh, you and dirty got ties for different reasons I respect that, and right before I turn to leave She said… (You don't know what you mean to me) [Hook: Kelly Rowland] No matter what I do All I think about is you Even when I'm with my boo Boy, you know I'm crazy over you No matter what I do All I think about is you Even when I'm with my boo Boy, you know I'm crazy over you [Interlude: Nelly] Sing it for me, K! It was Nelly’s first #1 single in countries such as the UK, Ireland, Australia, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.It followed on from the success of his previous single “Hot in Herre”.

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