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FYI For Your Information G Gay, see Gay Dating Sites GBM Gay black male LGBT or GLBT Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered GLBTQIA gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning, intersexed and ally GSOH Good sense of humor GWM Gay white male H Hispanic HNG Horny Net Geek Hookup, see Hookup Dating Sites and What is Hookup Culture?

HWP Height/weight proportionate IR Interracial, see Interracial Dating Sites IRL In Real Life ISO In search of J Jewish K Kids Kino, see What is Kino?

Most of the time, this takes the form of typical 'small talk', boring activities such as going out to dinner or to the movies, et cetera.

This is usually to distract each other from the reality that they have nothing on their own, though usually women are more oblivious to this due to cultural norms.

and Poly Dating Sites POSSLQ Person of opposite sex sharing living quarters RL Real Life, i.e.

not online, or in-person S Single SBF Single black female SBi F Single bisexual female SBM Single black male SD Social drinker SGL Single SI Similar interests SO Significant Other SOH Sense of humor STDs Sexually transmitted diseases STIs Sexually transmitted infections STR Straight SWF Single white female SWM Single white male Textashionship, see What is a Textashionship?


Two people getting together for an activity when the possibility of romance between them has been broached but not ruled out.

While it was reported that they were ‘canoodling’ the only photos show them, while close, not even really in contact with each other.Some of these people may even be heartbroken ones, who have been abused by past partners, or just simply some that are sick of hearing about some stupid narrow-sighted people who only see either how "hot" their partner is, or how much money he/she has. He's SOOO cute and OMFG we go to MOVIES together and do FRENCH KISSES and all!! In real relationships, this can just be a form of killing time, because it's not really needed for any meaningful interaction.Typically, this lack of deeper bond is the reason why relationships split up, but the distractions keep it going for awhile so it's a big painful shitstorm when one or both parties realizes that fairyland is a fake place and that you have to WORK for a REAL relationship.

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